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BELOW are just a few of the commercial, industrial, or government properties we have protected in our 40 year history.

Publix Super Market


In the spring of 1992, this Publix store was reroofed for the first time since its opening in the early 1960's. To meet this high standard of durability, a new built-up roof was installed, using high-quality fiberglass roofing felts surfaced with a high-grade aluminum roof coating. The resulting system is extremely cost-effective and easy to maintain.

North Florida Regional Hospital


The entire lower portion of the main hospital building was reroofed in 1989. 

The installation of the two layer, asphalt-adhered modified bitumen roof involved several unique construction obstacles. 

Scheduling our roofing work around surgery being performed in the five operating rooms below required a great deal of coordination and critical timing.


Capital Building

Deerhaven Generating Station


The Southeast's first zero-discharge power plant, Deerhaven Generating Station, had its administration offices reroofed in 1985.

The system selected to waterproof this City of Gainesville facility was a four ply, coal tar built-up roof surfaced with gravel.

Although the project was a standard industrial installation in many ways, the high security requirements and noise of background machinery made the job challenging.

TGI Fridays

The Chelsea

The Progress Center

Built-up Roof with Gravel

The first building constructed in 1985 for the University of Florida's Research and Technology Park was the Progress Center. 

This building received two layers of rigid insulation attached to a metal deck, covered by a twenty-year built-up fiberglass roof system. 

Numerous penetrations from the testing equipment below and a built-in gutter system required special attention to detail and workmanship.

Alachua General Hospital

Bond Cote heat-weld single-ply

This 423-bed flagship hospital for SantaFe Healthcare underwent expansion and renovation in 1986. A Bond Cote single-ply roof system was chosen to fulfill the project's moisture protection. 

Mechanically attached and heat welded, this thermoplastic polyester-reinforced material was easy to install, despite the fact that it marked a new direction for our company. Our successful transition to single-ply roofing was evidenced by a rating of nine out of ten possible points by the manufacturer at final inspection.