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Exceptional Roofing Solutions

For over 40 years, Perry Roofing has supplied exceptional roofing solutions for industrial, commercial, and government buildings. As a full-service roofing contractor, we will provide you with an unparalleled roofing experience...managing all roof roof maintenance, repairs, and re-roofs in one perfect package.

Our service area for commercial roof replacements extends across Florida with a focus on Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa, and Orlando.


Roofing Systems

Single Ply roofing systems are just that, a single-ply of a roofing material made from several types of polymer plastics and rubbers. TPO and PVC are commonly used materials in the single-ply category. Often a "cool roof" product.

Modified Bitumen
Membranes are hybrids of the built up-system, only pre manufactured in the factory. The products come in rolls, and are modified asphalt or coal tar systems with rubber added for low temperature and elongation characteristics. These products typically use a built-up membrane underlayment before application of the final modified bitumen membrane. Modified bitumen membranes can be torch applied, self adhered or mopped in place with hot bitumen. They are always surfaced with some type of Topping System.

There are basically two types of built-up roofing (also known as BUR). The difference is that either a coal tar pitch or asphalt waterproofing could be used as the waterproofing element between plies of reinforcing felt. There are advantages and disadvantages of each system.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is manufactured into large sheets for application to insulation on a roof. The material can be loose laid and ballasted with rock or pavers to hold the membrane in place. It can also be fully or partially adhered as well. Seams and the membrane are adhered with contact adhesives, with seams sometimes sealed with a sealant. Toppings may or may not be required by the manufacturer in many cases. This product is available in black.

Metal roofs are energy efficient. Metal roofs can be insulated with almost any amount of insulation. Add the radiant barrier effect to this and they are the most energy efficient of any roofing system. Fiberglass blanket insulation is installed directly under the panels and stretched over the supporting structural members to reduce energy costs and dampen noise. Foam insulation blocks also can be used between roof panels and substructures to prevent thermal loss., with a natural radiant barrier effect, and are long lasting, resist decay, discoloration and mildew. Metal roofs come in several major types: concealed fastener systems include mechanical lock and snap-lock assembly systems: double-lock, batten seam, and t-panel are among the most common concealed fastener panels.  
ASK US ABOUT STONE COATED STEEL that can look just like Tile, Shakes, or Shingles.

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A New Roofing Experience

Perry Roofing began as a man and a truck in 1976. Today, we are a multi-million dollar roofing company that is licensed, bonded, insured and that has survived every economic storm with great success. We have accomplished this by hiring and training the highest quality craftsmen to safely and expertly install the best roofing solutions available. For over 40 years, we have executed these high standards on roofs ranging from NASA facilities, to university football stadiums, to Wal-Mart shopping centers, and properties just like yours.  Our team takes pride in providing all our clients with the best roofing experience available.

Customer Service

Perry Roofing places customer service above all else...offering a roofing experience like no other.

Our highly trained team members are excited to serve you and will give your account world class care long after your job has been completed. We assign a team to each account, ensuring that when you call for answers...Perry has them. We also promise not to make you wait on proposals and take special care to adhere to your timelines.

Also, Perry offers online account managment so you can track all your roofs in one convenient place.

Solutions when you need them

We pay special attention to the needs of our clients and have developed business solutions to save you time and money. Trained in protecting your bottom line, our estimating team will suggest the right roof solution complete with warranties to guarantee our work and your new roof. Meanwhile, the Perry Service team keeps your business profitable and your employees productive with 24/7 emergency repairs and preventative maintenance plans that enable budget management and eliminate crisis management. Also, we offer a “cool roof” or sustainable product line which extends the life of your roof and saves up to 50% on energy expenditures. However, the number one value of working with Perry Roofing is not a product. It is personalized customer service from a team familiar with your account, ready to provide solutions and support…anytime.

Full Service

Also, Perry offers online account managment so you can track all your roofs in one convenient place.  As a full-service roofing company, our extensive experience completing complex residential and commercial projects means we not only understand your needs, but can meet them. Perry offers a 24/7 service department, can assist in budget planning, conducts our own infared scans, offers preventative maintenance programs and keeps detailed records of your roof system and warranty. From skilled project managers to courteous and motivated crews, we set the standard by which other companies are judged. We plan to be here if you need us in the future, just as we have been here for our customers for over 30 years.


Since most Perry Roofing employees spend their workdays at least 15 feet off the ground, we devote considerable company resources to keeping them safe. In fact, Perry has had no major safety violations or casualties within the last 5 years.

Preventing accidents and ensuring the safest possible working conditions—for our employees and our customers—remain priorities across all divisions. We carefully adhere to safety standards and require all employees to take the ten-hour OSHA training course. However, training is ongoing with our weekly safety meetings where prevention is a main focus.

Over the years we have spent millions of dollars keeping our employees safe. Our safety program includes workforce training, safety equipment for each employee and can develop speciality safety programs per client requests.

Perry Roofing maintains worker's compensation, general liability and automobile insurance for its operations throughout the country. We are licensed and bonded.


Learn more about our safety programs and certifications.